Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy Company creed / Company motto / Company emblem

Company creed

Be of one mind and make concerted efforts.

These works were chosen to be our company creed by our first President. His aim was to put harmony and solidarity within the company first, and create an environment where younger staff can perform up to their potential. The intent is that, even if individual people have different working styles and talents, they should coordinate their thinking, combine their strengths, and cooperate to achieve their common goal. This is a phrase in the history "Commentary of Zuo on the Spring and Autumn Annals" by Confucius, a philosopher of the Spring and Autumn Period in China, who was the founder of Confucianism.


Company motto

Modesty bears profit.

This is means that people who are conceited invite trouble, while those who humbly work hard reap benefits. It comes from a passage in the Confucian "Classic of History", and was long passed down as a family creed in the family of our first President Koshiro Ohara. Giving up pride and working tirelessly is the fundamental philosophy of our corporate management, and we emphasize this to our employees.


Company emblem

The Two and Three Mark

This symbolizes the mindset of our company motto "Modesty bears profit". When people become the best, they tend to become conceited, and slack off. So this emblem represents the percept: Even if we become the best at something, we should always work hard, as though we were second or third, still striving to become Number1.

While the "Two and Three mark", the official company emblem, is being used in our company flag and elsewhere, the "K mark", introduced in the year 1968, has been applied as our corporate logo to the employee badges, sales promotion materials and so on starting at the opportunity of 100th anniversary of foundation.