Social Initiatives Sustainability

The Kurabo Group believes that deepening communication and building positive relationships with the communities in which it operates is part of its responsibility as a member of society. We contribute to our local community through initiatives such as beautification, volunteering, and plant tours.

Supporting the Children’s Art Museum Project

Every year in August, the Ohara Museum of Art holds an event called Children’s Art Museum as part of its community engagement activities. Kurabo supports this event each year. One of the projects in this event involves having children draw their own versions of Monet’s Water Lilies. The children’s pictures are made into a calendar and posted on Kurabo’s website.

10-100 Project

The 10-100 (ten hundred) Project is a unique Kurabo activity aimed at boosting employees’ awareness of social action programs. Employees’ participation in clean-up campaigns is transformed into tangible form and given back to society. Specifically, for every 10 people taking part in clean-up campaigns, 100 anti-virus hand towels (using Kurabo’s Cleanse fiber processing technology) are donated to kindergartens, facilities for the elderly, and the cities of Kurashiki (the birthplace of Kurabo) and Osaka (the location of the head office).

Other Activities

Sponsoring sports

Sponsorship contract with Fagiano Okayama, a J2 League soccer team

Supporting education

Student tours of the Kurabo Memorial Hall—teaching the history of the textile industry

Exchanges with the local community

Planting mangrove trees in Thailand