1888〜 1960〜 1980〜 2000〜


1888 Kurashiki Spinning Works was established.
1889 The Kurashiki honsya Mill (now Kurashiki Ivy Square) was constructed.


1893 he company was renamed Kurabo Industries Ltd. in compliance with the newly enacted Commercial Law.
1895 Export of cotton yarn under the Mitsuuma brand name began.


1915 The completion of the Masu Mill (later changed to the Kurashiki Mill). (〜1992)
1917 The in-house publication Kurashiki News (now the Doushin) made its first appearance.
1919 Ohara Institute for Social Research was established by Magosaburo Ohara, company president.



The Kurashiki Labor Science Institute (now the Japan Labor Science Institute) was established.

The Hayashima Mill was established.

1922 The Okayama Kitakata Plant (later changed to the Okayama Mill) was established. (〜2009)
1923 The Kurabo Central Hospital (now the Kurashiki Central Hospital) was opened.
1924 The Hirakata Plant was opened. (〜1996)
1926 Kurashiki Rayon Co., Ltd. (now Kuraray Co., Ltd.) was established.


1930 he Ohara Museum of Art was established by Magosaburo Ohara, company president.
1933 Shift of head office to Osaka was completed.
1933 The Kanonji (〜2008) and Marugame mills were established.
1935 Kurashiki Woolen Weaving Co. (later changed to the Tsu Mill) was established to branch out into the wool business. (〜2009)
1938 The Hojo Mill was established.


1942 The Kisogawa Mill was established. (〜2001)
1942 The Tokyo Office (now the Tokyo Branch) was opened.
1944 The company was renamed Kurashiki Industries Ltd.
1945 Nearly 70 percent of its total production facilities was lost as a result of World WarII.
1946 The company name changed back to Kurabo Industries Ltd.
1948 Sanyo Lace Co., Ltd. (now Kurashiki Textile Mfg. Co., Ltd.) -
was established.
1949 Kurashiki Co., Ltd. was established.


1950 The Masu Mill’s women’s volleyball team won championship in the All-Japan Jitsugyodan and National Athelete Meet competition.
1951 The Anjyo Mill was established.
1951 Koei Shoji Co., Ltd. was established.
1953 An agreement was signed with Fujii Co., Ltd. for the use of the Ski Yarn brand name.
1953 Masu Sangyo Co.,Ltd. (now Masty Kurashiki Co.,Ltd.) was established.
1954 Kurashiki Woolen Mfg. Co.,Ltd. was established. (〜2000)
1955 The New York Office was opened. (〜2009)
1957 Lanificio Kurashiki do Brasil S.A. was established in Brazil.
(new Kurashiki do Brasil Textile Ltda.)
1958 Kurashiki Dyeing Co.,Ltd. was established. (〜2007)