1888〜 1960〜 1980〜 2000〜


1962 Japan Jiffy Foods, Inc. was associated.
1962 The Kurashiki Kokusai Hotel, Ltd. was established.
1962 National Linen Supply Co.,Ltd. (later changed to Kurabo Linen Supply Co.,Ltd.) was established. (〜2007)
1962 The Neyagawa Plant was constructed to branch out into the polyurethane foam business.
1963 The Chemical Products Division was organized.
1963 Kurabo Driving School Co., Ltd. was established.
1964 The Technical Research Laboratory was completed.
1964 The Hamburg Office was opened (moved from Dusseldolf.) (〜1993)
1968 Thai Kurabo Co.,Ltd. was established in Thailand.
1969 Kurabo Memorial Hall was opened.
1969 Shinsanyo Co.,Ltd. was established. (〜2006)
1969 Chugoku Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. was associated.
1969 Taisho Spinning Co., Ltd. was established.
1969 Tomei Kasei Co., Ltd. was established.


1970 A flue gas desulfurization system was developed.
1970 Engineering Division was organized.
1970 Kurabo Tokyo Kasei Co.,Ltd. was associated. (〜2002)
1970 Commenced business of denim for jeans.
1970 Initiated interior goods business such as tufted carpet.
1971 Commenced synthetic woods and adhesives business.
1971 The Susono Plant was completed.
1971 Commenced water disposal systems business.
1972 Kurabo Kohatsu Co., Ltd. was established. (〜1994)
1972 Cotonificio Kurashiki do Brazil Ltd. was established in Brazil. (〜2006)
1973 Kurashiki Ivy Square Ltd. was established.
1973 Nisseisha Co.,Ltd. was associated. (〜2000)
1973 Kurabo Apparel Ltd. (now Kubabo International Co.,Ltd.) was established.
1974 Began producing and marketing Sandwich Panel, heatinsulating materials used for construction.
1974 P.T. Kurabo Manunggal Textile industries Indonesia was established in Indonesia.
1974 A flue gas denitration and deodorization system was developed.
1976 Kurabo Engineering Work Service Co., Ltd. Department was established.
1976 Information Systems Development (now Electronics Division) was established.
1976 Takamiya & Co.,Ltd. (later changed to Kurabo Textile Corporation) was associated. (〜2010)
1978 Kurabo Kansai Kasei Co., Ltd. was established.
1978 Started marketing Aucolor, a color-matching system.
1978 Aris, a production control system for sewing factories, was developed.
1979 Bondream Co.,Ltd. was established. (〜2008)