1888〜 1960〜 1980〜 2000〜


2000 Started AHP (Ageless Human-life Project).
2000 Developed Ozone Treatment for Wool, Non AOX continuous Shrink Resistant Treatment.
2001 Guangzhou Kurabo Chemicals Co.,Ltd was established in China.
2002 Started sales of DNA chips and commission Analysis.
2003 The Shanghai Representative was established. (〜2009)
2005 The Neyagawa TechnoCenter was established.
2006 Started Kurashiki Do Brasil Textile Ltda. in Brazil.
2006 Kurabo CSR Committee was established.
2006 Consolidation of cotton synthetic textile Div and wool product Div (Now Textile Business Div)
2006 Tongxiang Kurabo Fashion Co.,Ltd. was established in China.
2007 Sheedom Co.,Ltd. was associated.
2009 Kurabo Shanghai Co.,Ltd. was established in China.


2010 Kurashiki Chemical Products Do Brasil Ltda. was established in Brazil.
2010 Started Kurabo International Co.,Ltd.
2010 MK Apparels Ltd. was established in Bangladesh.
2010 Kuraki Taiwan Co.,Ltd.was established in Taiwan.
2011 Kuraki Co.,Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary.
2012 Completed the Mie Plant.
2013 Kurabo Denim International Ltd. was established in China.
2013 Guanzhou KFC Plastics Co.,Ltd. was established in China.